Welcome Sherpas Cinema.

Hello. My name is Will Duncan and I have 4 years full-time experience as a Post-Production Supervisor and almost 10 years behind my cameras and production tools.

You can either continue below to my responses of your most pertinent questions, or you can jump right to my cover letter and resume.

Do you for example happen to have an obsession with ravens?

I closely follow a three eyed raven on TV, but it's not a diagnosed obsession, yet. My spiritual appreciation for the raven may require some elevation. I've only seen Into the Mind twice.

No, I will not get a tattoo of raven on my lower back no matter how inebriated I am. I thankfully have a phobia of needles.

Would you prioritize a drum kit over a couch if you had to choose?

Unlikely. I am musically challenged when it comes to instruments. I took guitar lessons for a year in high school and all I had to show for it were some power chords from Rage Against the Machine songs and the Mission Impossible theme. I'll have to opt for keeping the couch on this one, unless it's a really crummy couch and the drum kit is for Current Swell to jam on when they pass through town.

Would you spend a night in the office on occasion for the greater good of the art?

Am I allowed to keep a stash of good Kentucky bourbon on my desk?

I'm pretty sure you're reading this because I believe we share the same level of passion for the art. I wouldn't be applying if I didn't think that was the case. I'm no stranger to burning the midnight oil, and if it's in a room full of creative minds who are working as hard as I am for the same goal, even better.

To be completely honest, my key role is to provide the workflows and tools so we don't have to pull all-nighters unless we choose to stay late and push the art to 11 over a glass of that bourbon that's now on my desk.

Do you by any chance grow an excellent beard?

One of epic proportions (so I'm told), with a mix salt and pepper thanks to years of newspaper deadlines. My friends tell me it's just proof of my wisdom. Sometimes I think they just don't want me to realize that I've turned 30. It's also become a bit of a tradition to shave my beard off after long production stints. 91 days is the current record.

What’s your opinion on drinking and droning?

Do we have spare parts in this equation? Always drone responsibly.

And that bourbon from question 3 better not be empty when we get back to the office.

Would you sleep for weeks outside even if it wasn’t even necessary?

Without question. The most consecutive nights I've been able to fit in over the last four years thanks to production deadlines is three nights in Big Sur, and some weekend trips for backpacking in Sequoia.