The Cover Letter

It's an opportunity to apply for the Post-Production Supervisor position at Sherpas Cinema. The first time I saw All.I.Can my mind was completely blown. The intro, editing and camera work were an eye opening experience. If you have right talent behind the tools, there truly are no limits to what can be created.

Am I a bit of a legend? Yes, but only when it comes to making a grilled cheese sandwich.

In my mind, Post-Production geeks are like glassers in the surfing industry. We're the glue holds it all together and keeps things safe. We can even make it look really good. But it's not something that gains you a lot of recognition outside of your immediate peers.

However, I have been told on more than one occasion that I have an incredible work ethic, maintain a strong foresight into future media technologies and can only be equaled by MacGyver himself (I fixed a printer with a paperclip). Last year an editor from NFL Films said that I did some of the best post-production work he had ever seen, making his job a breeze when he was contracted to work on a show with us. I'm not sure who they have that sucks with their massive budget, but it was flattering to hear. Maybe they're a union shop.

I would probably label myself as 'highly methodical' more than anything else. A trait that I inherited during my early years as a photojournalist that was reinforced while working on application development with distributed teams. Not only does the technology need to work, but it needs to be as intuitive as possible. Why is a project named that way? How difficult is it to reconnect offline media? Do editors spend more than 30 seconds looking for something? Can an editor work on an airplane flight tomorrow? Are the archives easy to manually navigate if the asset management system goes down? Will it all scale? These kinds of questions fill my mind at night.

Over the last four years I've worked mostly as a one man band, taking a small network of computers with piles of external hard drives and building an infrastructure that will scale with our needs for both TV production and in-house projects. We now operate on a 100TB Facilis, archives to near-line LTO and managed all media assets through CatDV. I've estimated that we'll be at 800TB of RAW media by our 2015 season.

The most important thing to me is that I continue to learn. If I push to surround myself with talented minds who bring as much to a table as I do, the end result is guaranteed to be awesome. I believe Sherpas Cinema is such a place.

Thank you,

-- Will Duncan